Custom Aluminum Extrusion Service

We specialize in creating custom aluminum heat sinks using advanced aluminum extrusion technology. Here’s how our process unfolds: First, we heat the aluminum ingot to a high temperature, typically between 520 and 540℃. This turns the aluminum into a liquid that is then forced through an extrusion die featuring specific grooves, under high pressure. This step forms the basic shape of the heat sink. These initial forms are then trimmed to the required lengths.

Beyond aluminum extrusion, most heat sinks also undergo CNC machining for finer details. This includes tasks like drilling holes and tapping. However, for simpler shapes or small-volume orders, we can bypass the extrusion process and directly use milling or wire cutting techniques. This approach is particularly efficient for handling smaller orders.

Advanced Aluminum Extrusion Technology


1. The material we use is aluminum alloy, specifically AL6061 and AL6063.
2. The tooling lead time is usually 2-4 weeks, but it can vary depending on the project.
3. Our post-machining services include full service CNC cutting, threading, slotting, face milling, etc.
4. Our processing procedures are as follows: product design, drawings checking, mould making, extrusion, cutting, holes drilling, precision machining, surface treatment, quality inspection.
5. Our tolerances are ± 0.02mm unless otherwise specified.
aluminum extrusion for the sink heater
aluminum extrusion for motor
aluminum extrusion profile

The Advantage On Our Heat Sink Features

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The machining accuracy of this product is extremely high, with a flatness of 0.1mm or less.
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High strength and good electrical and thermal conductivity are both important features for many applications.
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Our team offers customized services to achieve the perfect look for your home. We have a variety of finishes available to choose from.
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High-quality materials and finishes give your project a polished look while maintaining a smooth surface.

Why Choose us for Aluminum Extrusion

Our engineering and design team can help you with any problems you have in your aluminum extrusion process. We specialize in helping businesses find smart design changes that will save them time and money.
We adapt to the needs of our clients with post-CNC machining services. We can provide machined heatsinks with complex features and high precision cuts.
We can provide your parts with the surface treatment that you need. You can choose from polishing, anodizing, painting, or powder coating to make your parts look the way you want.
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extrusion production for the heater sink
aluminum extrusion for the heater
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