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A pump is a mechanical device that moves a fluid. Pumps for casting can be designed and cast from different metals, which provide higher strength and corrosion resistance. They are also specially designed to handle liquid substances.

We have a foundry for pump casting and specialize in producing any type of pump castings or pump parts. Most of these products are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, and India.We manufacture a wide variety of cast pump bodies, pump casings, impellers, and mounting brackets. The range includes products for the oil fields, oil extraction and refining, petrochemical industry, water treatment industry, solid waste treatment, and concrete construction.

We can use various metal materials according to customers’ needs. Such as heat resistant stainless steel, ductile iron, gray cast iron or other alloy steel. Our QC team and spectrometer ensure accurate alloy composition.


casting valve parts

The below processes are used in our factory

Lost Wax Casting Process

If you’re looking for investment castings in China, lost wax casting is a good choice. Lost wax casting creates precise tubes with tight tolerances and smooth surfaces. Lost wax casting will result in uniform net shape castings with less post-treatment and machining work. Your time and money will be well spent with this process.

Aluminum Die Casting Process

Aluminum die castings are a great option when it comes to thin wall thickness requirements and specialty aluminum alloys. Mounting brackets are the perfect example of this. Aluminum die casts produce high-strength and quality results. If your application requires a specific thickness, then aluminum die castings are the better choice.

Sand Casting Process

The choice between iron or cast iron as the material for a pump can have significant implications for the cost, durability and complexity of the finished product. Sand casting will allow for low cost and good inherent quality, but with more machining allowances.

pump die casting parts

Generally speaking, cast iron pumps are cast pump components. They’re often used for transporting water but not corrosive substances. Stainless steel pumps are more often used for transporting corrosive substances and liquids.

Our pump casting supply includes cast pump bodies, oil field pump casings, impellers, and other castings that are perfect for oil extraction and refining, petrochemical industries, water treatment plants, solid waste treatment, or concrete construction.We’re happy to work with a variety of metal materials, and we can do so according to the needs of our clients. This includes heat-resistant stainless steel, ductile iron, gray castiron or other alloy steel. Our team will use a spectrometer to ensure accurate alloy composition.

We offer a variety of casting alloys, such as ductile iron, gray cast iron, and stainless steel. Our spectrometers will measure how much of each alloy is in your material to ensure that you get an accurate reading.

Our dedication to quality and customer service ensures that every component we offer is durable and reliable. Each part is customized to fit your specifications, so you’ll receive low-cost parts that work great. For any questions on pump part casting or pricing, contact us today!

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