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cnc milling

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CNC milling is an additive manufacturing process that utilizes computer-controlled and rotating multipoint cutting tools to gradually remove material from the workpiece and produce custom-designed parts. Following the same basic production stages as all CNC machining processes Buld 3D Moudles programme Make the Clamper toolings Operation CNC milling is a type of process that can be used to produce high precision parts in prototype, one-off, and small to medium production runs. Plus, these parts have good surface finishes.

Why Choose CNC Milling Process

CNC Milling offers versatility because of the variety and complexity in part features and designs. CNC Milling is mainly used for processing box-type workpiece, complex curves, and flat surfaces; plate type workpiece and other complex shape workpieces.
This complicated process has multiple uses, but Shanghai Elue mainly uses it for machining metals and plastics. Besides the finished parts, CNC milling can also be used on post-machining for aluminum extrusion of parts.
CNC milling is a versatile and accurate machining process that can be used to produce complex parts from a variety of materials. When choosing a CNC milling process for your next project, there are several factors to consider, including the type of material you will be machining and the desired finish of the finished part. In general, CNC milling is an ideal choice for projects that require high accuracy and/or intricate designs.
cnc milling process

EDM Process

Based on the customer-oriented demand, we can customize Hardware in different dimensions, designs, and so on. We spare no effort to fulfill customers’ wishes.
After mold making, we will test the mold, if the mold is ok. Then make the samples, our engineer will measure the sizes of the samples and test the hardness and so on, to make sure the samples are good quality. Then we send the samples to our customer for testing.
If customer have no drawing, but have sample, then a sample need to be sent to our engineer, then we will gauge dimensions, and make a drawing. Then we make a mold according to the drawing.
There are many reasons to choose EDM processes for your manufacturing needs. EDM processsing offers a high degree of accuracy and repeatability, making it ideal for producing precision parts. Additionally, EDM processing is not limited by the size or shape of the workpiece, meaning that complex shapes can be produced with ease. Finally, EDM processing is a very versatile technology, capable of performing a wide variety of tasks such as machining, drilling, and even welding.

Advantages CNC Milling


The CNC milling is a suitable process for most metal, plastic, and even wood. It can produce most materials needed in many industries.


CNC machines are incredibly accurate and always provide consistent, faultless products. CNC is the only technology that can do it.


We could provide the parts without MOQ Requirement.

Not Relay on Labour

Watch this video to learn the key features of a CNC machine and see the benefits compared to manual manufacturing processes.

Applications of CNC Milling

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