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Finishing is something our company can handle. It can be in prototypes and mass production orders, so we can help you to perfect the parts.
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Normal Finished Parts

What is “standard finish” Part?
The part will have some visible machining marks and the surface roughness is around Ra1.6-3.2 μm. Because the parts lack a protective coating, their roughness makes them susceptible to nicks and scratching.
Quality Guarantee OEM 6061 t6 Machining Female Threaded Aluminum Spare Parts

Machined finish

Machined finish

Machined finish



Anodizing is an electrochemical process. These processes protect aluminum from corrosion and make it thicker, less conductive and more durable. They are also cheaper than plating.
In finally, the anodizing process creates a layer of hard, silver-coloured metal that protects the aluminum from scratches, not to mention it adds decorative value to aluminum.


Polishing is done to achieve a smooth and shiny surface. Surface is rubbed or applied with a chemical treatment that yields a clean surface with a significant specular reflection. It can also reduce diffuse reflection of some materials to minimum.

Precision machining is a method of working metals. It uses electropolishing. Ferrous metals, precision machining and aluminum machining can be achieved with this surface roughness.


Coating means applying a thin coating of metal. In this method a metal is deposited on a conductive surface. Electroplating helps to improve the strength, durability and life span of metallic parts. There most often used ones include nickel plating/ chrome plating/ tin plating/ silver plating.

Coating can be used for a range of metal materials, like cnc steel machining, spring steel cnc machining, cnc machining stainless, etc.

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