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What is MIM (Metal Injection Molding)Parts?

In MIM, plastic injection molding meets powdered metallurgy to produce precise, complex parts in large quantities, even with metals that cannot be die cast, like stainless steel and low alloy steels.
Metal injection molding is a metalworking process in which finely-powdered metal mixed with a binder material. Compared to casting and forging, MIM usually provides better results for small sizes, complex shapes, and high-volume demand. Molds are often made of steel, and they can contain 3D geometry and cavities to produce high-volume and complex parts.While MIM parts don’t generally have a low raw cost, the material is pricey, and that goes for the molds, too. However, there are some definite advantages to using MIM parts. Since they can be heat treated (since they’re already tough when you make them), you won’t need to finish them – no extra work needed. And since there isn’t any machine-smoothing of the surfaces needed, these parts can be made in shapes that would either be impossible or too expensive to achieve with machining.


Emitech CNC has follow the development of the Metal Injection Molding Technology Development and provide the MIM Parts for many industriaies.We could provide the complete turnkey solutions.
MIM parts assemble






Emitech CNC could choose the SS304 and SUS316 to produce MIM Parts

High Quality Police Security Self Defense Led


Emitech CNC choose the 17-4PH to produce the MIM Parts.



EMITECH has many material application,such as Fe2Ni,4J29 3C and etc.



How to Produce(Metal Injection Molding) MIM Parts?

The metal injection molding process (MIM) is a method of metalworking where fine metal powder is mixed with binder material to create feedstock, which is then molded and solidified by injection molding. Known as Green parts, these parts are a combination of metal powder and binder with a geometry structure. Debinding operations are applied after molding to remove binder materials. MIM parts after debinding are called brown parts. The sintering process densifies metal powder by increasing the temperature in furnaces. This results in a sintered part. All operations you can perform on forging or casting parts will be applicable to sintered parts after they are manufactured. This includes welding, soldering, blueing, hardening, tempering, polishing, filing, and grinding.

High Pressure Molding

Emitech CNC could provide all kinds of different sizes, and shapes parts with different alloys.All of the molds are design by ourselves.

Sintering Device

Emitech cnc could provide the roughly 6,000,000 pcs MIM Parts Per month.Our Sintering machines could provide the high-density,high cost metal parts.

What’s The Advantage Of The MIM(Metal Injection Molding) Part?

Injection molding (MIM) offers several advantages over traditional metal production techniques. Having developed MIM technology for over 30 years, EMITECH CNC is able to Provide MIM parts with high volumes, a variety of alloys, and a wide range of sizes and complex structures. Here are some of the advantages of MIM

Tolerence is very high

Good Surface

It’s suitable for the complex Part

Design Complexity

Friendly for the envoirement

Fast Leading Time

What’s Material is suitable for the MIM(Metal Injection Molding)?

Metal Injection Molding offers a range of advanced, intricate components without the need for additional machining. With superior density and properties comparable to other fabrication techniques, MIM is incredibly versatile. It can be utilized with a variety of materials, and its use of metal powder with distinct chemical compositions, sizes and shapes gives it an edge in terms of customization.
steel, stainless steel, tool steel, low alloy steel, iron-nickel alloy, special ferrous alloys like Invar and Kovar.
tungsten-copper, tungsten heavy alloys.
nickel, nickel-base superalloys
molybdenum, molybdenum-copper
Titanium, titanium alloys
cobalt-chromium, cemented carbides(WC-Co), cermet(Fe-TiC).
aluminum, precious metal, copper and copper alloys, cobalt-based alloys, magnetic alloys (soft and hard), shape-memory alloys.
Copper,Ti-6AL-4V,Nickel Alloy,ASTM F15,ASTM F75,ASTM F1537
Due to the fact that most alloys were developed and created in casting technology, it cannot be ignored that long-term annealing in sintering processes will degrade alloy properties.Because of its corrosion resistance and strength properties, 316L alloy composition (Fe-19Cr-9NI-2Mo) is widely used. The additional chromium in the alloy composition makes sintering a lot easier, so this alloy will provide superior properties using this alternative metal manufacturing process.


These parts are suitable for a variety of industries due to their complex structure and perfect appearance. They have perfect tolerances and have a minimum wall thickness of 0.10 mm.
Our MIM parts are becoming more cost-effective than traditional investment casting, such as orthodontic devices made from stainless steel.
The EMItech CNC company provides a wide variety of customized MIM parts for a variety of industrial applications, including: micro gears, drones, smart wearable devices, pepper spray, and machinery components.

Why Choice Emitech MIM Parts?

Good Technicial Engieer-Design and Optimize the MIM.
With collapsible cores or sliders, we can design MIM parts that have undercuts that function in the mold. While undercuts are difficult or impossible with other metalworking technologies, they can certainly be done with metal injection molding, whether externally or internally. For professional MIM design advice when designing undercuts, we strongly recommend contacting our engineering team.Emitech cnc engineer has ability to reduce the cost and shorter the leading time and ensuance the quality.
There is no doubt that Emitech CNC is able to satisfy any custom material requirement at the most cost-effective price.
Thanks for your professional recommendations, these parts are made exactly to our specifications. We would like to purchase an additional 10,000 pieces as soon as possible.
Brittany Foxx
You did a great job and all MIM parts are perfect. I especially want to thank your engineers for their professional experience, which helped us revise the assembly a lot.
Edward Woo
Thanks for your sample parts, we have finished our prototypes with these parts, and all of them seam great. We are now planning our further scale production, and we will send you the batch orders. Your support is greatly appreciated, as you are the most reliable supplier of MIM parts for a reasonable price.
Samantha Gilbert

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