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What is Insert Parts(molding)

In Insert molding, the mold is filled with pre-prepared inserts before it is used to make a product. The molten material goes into the inserts and then creates an integrated part.

Insert molding is used in dozens of applications. It is a way to avoid secondary processes. It can be less expensive than soldering, welding, connecting or forging.


We offer the wide variety of materials that can be used to create jewelry. Aluminum and brass are popular because they last longer than other materials and its easy to work with them.There are two types of insert molding machines based on production volume. Robots are used when the production quantity is high, while manual insertion might be used for lower volumes.
pay2-icon1.png Bolts or nuts
pay2-icon1.png Electrical contacts
pay2-icon1.png Spring-loaded clips
pay2-icon1.png Threaded fasteners
pay2-icon1.png Bearings

Plastic Overmolding

For example, a new idea of manufacturing a single part using two materials combination is overmolding. This can be done in a variety of ways and the main material is typically hard plastic while the cover is typically soft plastic.
pay2-icon1.png We can add the swatch of different colors and materials to help the products stand out in a crowded market.
pay2-icon1.png There are parts that can be better for protection, like the overmolding of a part. It can absorb shock loading or impact loading and it’s waterproof and air tight.
pay2-icon1.png Overmolding can help to reduce manufacturing cost through the elimination of secondary operations like painting or coating, and sometimes by using plastic injection parts assemblies.
pay2-icon1.png The new design makes things easier to assemble. You don’t have to buy a lot of parts and lots of money.


We provide plastic injection services for people in different industries. We have run molds for different industries for many years.

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