Injection Molding Process

Nanjing Emitech Mold Fabricate Process

Plastic injection molding is important in manufacturing. It has a number of benefits that can make mass production more efficient and consistent, like high efficiency, high consistency, low energy consumables, precision and complexity for example.

Injection Molds Design

plastic mold
When designing a mold, you have to consider the appearance and quality of the finished product. Here are some points for consideration when designing your mold.
pay2-icon1.pngWall thickness: Surface shrinkage or air holes can cause uneven wall thickness, which can lead to defects.
pay2-icon1.pngMaterial shrinkage ratio: The accuracy of injection molded parts is often lower than that of metal parts. The dimensional tolerances of mechanical parts cannot be applied for injection molded markets like plastic injection molding.
pay2-icon1.pngDrafting angle degree: Allowing proper drafting angles can avoid product straining and top injury.
pay2-icon1.pngInjection parts distortion: Strive to improve the structure of injection molding products, avoid making a flat structure, set reasonable ribs and concave ribs, and minimize the application of reinforcement ribs.
pay2-icon1.pngMake sure the direction of the mold opening and the parting line are to reduce the effects of the mechanism on how it looks after use.

Injection Moulding

pay2-icon1.pngMold steel materials preparation
pay2-icon1.pngRoughly processing
pay2-icon1.pngPrecision processing
pay2-icon1.pngEDM machining
pay2-icon1.pngMold parts CNC machining
pay2-icon1.pngMold inspection
pay2-icon1.pngMold assembly
pay2-icon1.pngMold testing
pay2-icon1.pngPlastic injection production
plastic mold design
milling machinery machining the steel plate
Roughly Machining
After confirming the design, we make a mold. This usually takes two sections: a steel base and an injection fixture. Some molds also need electrodes to improve injection times.
plastic injection mold test
EDM Process

EDM is an affordable and durable process for making plastics. It’s quick cycle time, high tolerance, and low cost make it a popular option for manufacturing.

plastic mold manufacturing
Molds Polishing

Polishing increases the beauty of the workpiece and makes it more resistant to wear. There are 6 types of polishing techniques, including mechanical polishing.


Nanjing Emitech offers plastic injection services. We’ve helped various industries with their molds over the years.

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What is a Plastic Injection Mold?

A Plastic Injection Mold is a machine that creates plastic parts from a design. It melts and forces the plastic into the mold where it is heated.

How to Maintain and Stock the Plastic Injection Mold?

If you are a plastic injection mold maker, it is important to clean your molds. It is important to clean them after each use and after making sure that they are completely dry. It is also important to dilute the cleaner before using it on the mold.

What Poisons are Common in Plastic Injection Molds?

One of the most common dangers in plastic injection molding is the release of poisonous gases. These can come from a variety of sources including cooling fluids, raw materials, or even the air. Inhaling these gases can be deadly, and they can also contaminate nearby areas with dangerous chemicals.

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