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China Customized Smooth Processing Turning Milling Aluminum CNC Machining Service

Product Description

China Customized Smooth Processing Turning Milling Aluminum CNC Machining Service Customized smooth processing turning milling aluminum CNC machining service


Professional in Precision Machining Manufacture components or parts requiring extreme precision, highly complex, Tiniest
or Large runs range and high-quality standard needs.
Product Precision Nuts, Screws, Turn-milling Parts, Pins, CNC Parts, Die-casting Parts, Forging Parts, Stamping Parts, Surface treatment…
Process Capability Lathing, Turn-Milling, CNC, Die-casting, Forging, Stamping, Anodizing, Plating, Sandblasting, Etching, Carver, PVD, Polish, Grinding, Tool-making, etc.
Material Copper alloy:C63000, C39200, C95400, C3602, C3604, C36000, HPb59, HPb62, CZ131, CZ132, etc.
Stainless steel:301, 303, 304, 316, 316L(VIM/VAR), 410, 416, 420J2, 430(F), 440C, 17-4PH (630), etc.
Alloy Steel:WCu, Wolfram steel, 4140, 4130, 1Cr13, 2Cr13, 3Cr13, GCr15, Q235, etc.
Special alloy: Nickel-based alloy: Monel, Invar, Kovar, Inconel,4J29/4J50, INVAR36, etc.
Titanium alloy: TC4 ELI, Ti-2AI-2.5Zr, etc.
Aluminum alloy:2011, 2017, 5056, 5052, 6061, 6082, 6063, 7075, etc.
Polymer material: PEEK, DELRIN, PTFE, ULTEM, TX-PET, POM, etc
Tolerance ± 0.01mm
Certifications IS0 9001,ISO 14001,ISO 13485 ,IATF 16949 Certified
Quality Guarantee 1 year
Inspection 1.100% inspection on a critical dimension; 100% on appearance.
2. Third Party inspection available upon requirement
Mainly Testing Facility 3D tester: Zeiss CMM / CONTURA G2, B&G CMM / GLOBAL OGP 3D, Aberlink CMM / Axiom Too, YHD OMM / 500G; Marsurf ps1 Roughness Tester, Hardness Tester, CCD Image Tester, Alloy Metal analysis Tester, Spectrophoto meter, Metallurgical Microscope Tester, Raw material Spectrum analyzer, Thermal Shock  Tester, Shaking Abrasion Tester, Salt Spray Test, Humidity machine Tester, Abrasion resistance Tester, Alcohol Resistance Tester, Artificial Sweat Tester, Cosmetic Tester
Features & Advantage 1, Manufacturing Capabilities
-Diameter Range (OD Ø): Ø0.2~ Ø 700mm
-Max. Length*Width*Height: 2,000*1,000*700mm
-Accuracy Tolerance: ±0.002mm
2, Production Capacity
-CNC Machine Qty: Total 1,500 sets;  5,000,000 pcs/Month
-Turn-milling Machine Qty: Total 163 sets;  4,000,000 pcs/Month
-Die-casting Machine Qty: Total 41 sets, 135T-500T;  1,000,000 pcs/Month
-Stamping Machine Qty: Total 89 sets, 30T-300T;  40,000,000 pcs/Month
3, Complete surface treatment process
-Anodizing, Electric plating, Sandblasting, PVD, Painting/Spray, Polishing, Grinding, Mirror Effect Polishing, Chemical Etching, Nitriding, Zero Discharge System, etc.
4, Wide range of processing materials
-All kinds of alloy metal precision machining
-Polymer material: PEEK, DELRIN, PTFE, ULTEM, TX-PET, POM, etc.
Application Datacom,Aerospace/aircraft,Sensor,consumer electronics,security,New energy,Vaccuum,Industrial,Medical device

Turn-milling Capacity

2. Focus: Copper alloy Stainless steel/Alloy Steel/Titanium alloy/Aluminum alloy/Polymer material/Special alloy Nickel based alloy
3. Equipment: Total 163 sets
4. Capacity: 5,000,000 pcs per month
5. Part size: Φ0.5~700mm/Length*Width*Height: 2000mm*1000mm*700mm
6. Accuracy: +/-0.002mm
7. CP65 specifies production area

Application in

  • 1. Medical Devices
  • 2. Communication
  • 3. Consumer Electronics
  • 4. Automobile
  • 5. Security
  • 6. New Energy
  • 7. Industrial

Product Type

Product Bodies, Components, RF Connectors, Socket, Power Contacts, Connectors, Outer Contacts, pin, RF, Coax Connectors,Fiber Optics, Sensors for diagnostic, Implants, Bone screws, Commissurotomies, Nut, Screw, etc.

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