Customized High Precision Steel Hot Forging Parts for Fitting Part

China Gold Supplier Investment Casting/Czech Casting

Product Description:China Gold Supplier Investment Casting/Czech Casting

Material Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%) Impact Strength Shear Strength Hardness Elongation  
PSI X 10³ PSI X 10³ FT lb PSI X 10³ Brinell (HB) % in 50mm
ADC12 45 22 3 75 3.5
A380 47 23 3 27 80 3.5
A360 46 24 26 75 3.5
B390 46 36 120 1
ZAMAK 3 41 32 43 31 82 10
ZAMAK 5 48 33 48 38 91 7
ZA27 61 55 9.4 47 119 3

When you choose a factory, in addition to the ability to produce your parts, the factory needs to provide services and guarantees for you and your parts. You will get these services when you are cooperating with us.

Drawing design Molds making  Die casting
Design for Manufacturing(DFM) is one of the best practices that Wing’s engineers follow, using the DFM approach to optimize the manufacturability of the casting while preserving functionality: we usually confirm the position of the ejector, draft, radius, etc when designing. EMITECH will maximize the net shape and tolerances in the mold, thus reducing the cost of secondary processing. The international standard mold steel materials H13 and H718 adopted by Wing can effectively improve the life and part quality of the mold, and ensure the mold operation during mass production. EMITECH is also one of the few companies with the ability to expand the range of die casting, with a total of 12 sets of the cold chamber and hot chamber die casting machines from 58 to 1650 tons, which can produce parts weighing 5g to 35Kgs.
CNC machining  Powder coating  Assembly
With more than 20 CNC centers,EMITECH can provide reliable precision for necessary machining with a minimum tolerance of
0.02mm. Our experienced and mature team fully considers the tolerance, flatness, smoothness, parallelism, and verticality of the parts to meet the assembly requirements of the client.
Wing die casts range from prototype and high-volume commercial finishing services to custom finishes requiring a high cosmetic appeal. Our enclosed line includes pre-wash, dry, primer, topcoat, and cure stations. We use AkzoNobel powder to ensure the quality of the coating. We offer all types of mechanical assembly and various sub-assembly services for our clients. Our extensive experience with assembly hardware includes helicoils, studs, pins, and plugs. Gasket and o-ring installation includes continuity and seal testing to ensure that performance specifications are realized.

Inspection equipment includes a spectrometer, tensile testing machine, CMM, pass gauge, parallel instrument, various calipers, etc. Inspection item: coating thickness test, roughness test, pass-stop test, salt spray test, full-scale inspection, and test report.

Q: Are you a trading company or factory?

A.We is a factory that produces aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, CNC parts, and tooling molds.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Mold lead time: Within 30 days upon we receive the 50% of mold charges.
Batch production lead time: With 20 days upon we receive the 30% deposit.

Q: Can you make the parts based on the sample?

A: Yes, we could provide a rough cost and will measure and design the drawing according to your sample.

Q: Can i get a sample before ordering the tooling die?

A: We can provide a prototype by CNC or 3D printing to verify your design.

Q: Can my design be safe after sending it to you?

A: We can sign the NDA before you send it.

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