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China ISO9001 Ts16949 One-Stop Service Aluminum Die Casting and Machining

Product Name: China ISO9001 Ts16949 One-Stop Service Aluminum Die Casting and Machining

Material&Temper Aluminum Alloy ADC12,A380,stainless steel, carbon steel, steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, copper
Process: investment casting, lost wax casting, silica sol casting. water glass casting, die casting
Casting Toleracne: CT4-CT6 (GB/T 6414),CT7-CT9 (GB/T 6414)
Gerenal Tolerance:
CNC Machining: 0.005
Turning: 0.005
Grinding(Flatness/in2): 0.003
ID/OD Grinding: 0.002
Wire-Cutting: 0.002
Machining Standard AISI, ANSI, ASTM, JIS, GB, ISO, DIN
Certification: ISO9001:2008, ROHS
Production capacity: depend on the complicacy of different products and the quantity
Application Field: Household Appliance, Housrehold Product, Vehicle Product, Medical Machine Product, Aviation Equipment, Agricultural equipment, Medical / dental instruments, Orthopedic implants, Fixing and movable equipment, Food, and beverage processing, and Instrumentation equipment, Petrochemical industry, Armament, Miscellaneous equipment, etc.
Experience: 22 years of CNC machining products
3 years of automation machine manufacturing
Surface Treatment: Stainless Steel: Polishing, Passivating, Sandblasting, Laser engraving
Steel: Zinc plating, Oxide black, Nickel plating, Chrome platingk, Carburized, Powder Coated
Aluminum Parts: Clear Anodized, Color Anodized, Sandblast Anodized, Chemical Film,Brushing,Polishing
Plastic: Plating gold (ABS), Painting, Brushing (Acylic), laser engraving
Packaging : Standard: pearl cotton and bubble bag, carton box and seal
For large and big quantity: pallet or as per customers’ requirement

Business Range:

Parts range

  • aluminum alloy parts:(A380,ADC12,ADC10,6061,Etc……)
  •  Zinc alloy parts:(ZAMAK3, ZAMAK5 Etc……)
  • Brass alloy parts:(Si9Cu3, Cuzn-37 Etc……)
  •  Iron parts: (Nodularc Iron, Ductile Iron Etc……)
  • Etc……

Production Process:

  • Die casting
  • Sand casting
  •  Gravity casting
  • Stamping casting
  • Extrusion profile
  • Pressing casting
  • CNC
  • Etc……


E-coated, Powder coated, Anodizing, Painting, Etc……

Product Character: 

  • Customized Tool Design Drawings are Available;
  • Molds are carefully machined to the closest tolerance using the latest equipment;
    The prototype should be created if the customer requires;
    We offer secondary processing such as oil spraying, screen printing, assembly ect.
    Traceability is maintained from all inspection gages
    Mold repair and maintenance are also supported internally.


  1. more than 20 years of experience in casting and machining
  2. one-stop service, from mold design, casting, and machining to surface treatment
  3. abundant technology force, good condition of production and inspection,
  4. and perfect after-sales service.
  5. ISO9001, SGS, and TS16949 certificates
  6. have their own quality laboratory, and offer CMM inspection, leaking test, and Spectroscope raw material test.
  7. rich experience in exporting, export products to more than 50 countries


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