Handle casting body

Handle casting body used in Communication equipment with Aluminum alloy processing via CNC

Product name: Handle casting body, Communication equipment, Aluminum alloy and CNC machining

Part name Handle body, Communication equipment, Aluminum alloy + CNC
Material A356, Aluminum alloy
Process: Low pressure casting machine and CNC machinery
Casting Tolerance: CT4-CT8 (GB/T 6414-1999),(ISO8062-1984)
Machining Standard AISI, ANSI, ASTM, JIS, GB, ISO, DIN
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Production capacity: Depend on the complicacy of different products and the quantity
Application Field: Household Appliance, Household Products, Vehicle Products, Medical Machine Product, Aviation Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Medical / dental instruments, Orthopedic implants, Fixing and movable equipment, Food, and beverage processing, Instrumentation equipment, Petrochemical industry, Armament, Miscellaneous equipment, etc.
Experience: 22 years of CNC machining products
3 years of automation machine manufacturing
Surface Treatment: Stainless Steel: Polishing, Passivating, Sandblasting, Laser engraving
Steel: Zinc plating, Oxide black, Nickel plating, Chrome plating, Carburized, Powder Coated
Aluminum Parts: Clear Anodized, Color Anodized, Sandblast Anodized, Chemical Film,Brushing,Polishing
Plastic: Plating gold (ABS), Painting, Brushing (Acylic), laser engraving
Packaging : Standard: pearl cotton and bubble bag, carton box and seal
For large and big quantity: pallet or as per customers’ requirement

We offer titanium casting services for any of your customers. We can produce high-quality titanium castings, from aerospace parts to casted construction equipment. Our facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art machines that ensure precision and accuracy. One of our specialties is designing casted samples within your budget and desired timeframe. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you grow your business!

Titanium Parts

Titanium is incredibly strong and lightweight, making it perfect for a wide variety of applications: medical work, marine life, sports equipment, cars and more. We carry a full complement of grades: Alpha alloys, Near Alpha alloys, Alpha and Beta alloys, Beta alloys. We also provide Titanium 6-2-4-6 for the oil industry and high quality Grade 5 titanium for use in casting manufacturing.


1.Are you a factory or trading company? Do you have an advantage in the price?

First of all, EMITECH CNC is a casting manufacturer. We provide a real one-stop service. The products purchased by customers are directly produced by our factory. Therefore, the price of our products has been reduced by 5% to 10% of the trade cost. Our price is absolutely superior.

2.How can you guarantee delivery on time?

Before each new order, each department will hold a meeting to make a strict production plan, implement the supply of raw materials, distribution of production plan, and other matters. In addition, the cooperation between us and large companies has also promoted the improvement of our delivery system.

3.How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

First of all, we will carry out quality inspections of the raw materials of the products and ensure that they are qualified. Then we will carry out necessary tests and inspections during the production of the products. On the other hand, 70% of the truck castings of China First Auto Work are produced by EMITECH which further proves the quality of our products.

4.How can we quote for you?

Please send us an inquiry by email, with all the technical drawings you have. Such as material grade, tolerance, machining demands, surface treatment, heat treatment, mechanical property requirements, etc. Our specialized engineer will check and quote for you, we would appreciate the opportunity and will respond in 3-5 working days or less.

5. Which industries do the purchased products apply to?

We are a professional OEM manufacturer. Our products are widely used in forklift, truck, train, machinery, mining, construction, food, and other industries. As long as there is a demand for spare parts, we can process them for production.

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