Metal Injection Molding

Titanium Metal Injection Molding (TiMIM) is a manufacturing process that combines the advantages of metal injection molding with the unique properties of titanium. This technology involves mixing fine titanium powder with a binder material, injecting it into molds to create complex shapes, and then removing the binder through a debinding process.
Once the binder is removed, the remaining part goes through a sintering process where it’s heated at high temperatures to bond together and form a solid piece. The result is an intricate component made from high-strength titanium that can be used in various applications.
One advantage of TiMIM over traditional methods of producing titanium parts is its ability to produce complex geometries without requiring expensive tooling or machining processes. TiMIM also enables manufacturers to create parts with thin walls and small features that are challenging to achieve using other techniques.
Another benefit of TiMIM is its cost-effectiveness as compared to other methods like casting, forging or machining which require additional finishing operations. With TiMIM, manufacturers can produce finished components directly from molds which reduces production time and costs.
Titanium Metal Injection Molding offers exciting new possibilities for creating intricate yet durable components made from one of the strongest materials on earth – Titanium!

TiMIM Locker Part

Lock parts are often produced using Titanium Metal Injection Molding (TiMIM) because of the complex geometries and high accuracy required for these parts.
timim gear

TiMIM Gear

The TiMIM gear is used to produce gears made of titanium alloy components.By using this method, a near-net TiMIM can be formed with only minimal machining required for completion

TiMIM Watch

This makes it an ideal choice for producing TIMIM watch parts where size control, dimensional accuracy and repeatable performance are essential requirements.

Why Choice MIM Process For Titanium Material?

MIM process requires less lead-time than other manufacturing methods, meaning that parts can be produced quicker, reducing the time-to-market for products

Preciously Size

Titanium Injection Molding has a benefit for the accurate and good precision parts.If we have Titanium Parts requirement,we 1st recommend the MIM process

Fast Delivery

MIM process it the faster and cost-effective way to produce the Titanium parts.We don't need any extra after-process to assistant.We could delivery the titanium components in short time.

Complex Profile

MIM technology could produce the complex geometries.We could produce the Titanium parts,from the gears to locker pats.We could produce think wall thickness profile.

why choice us


We have full Titanium Injection molding ability.We could provide the service below:
  • Min. the production cost:We have ability to reduce the 50% compare with other material.
  • Good quality:MIM process gurantee the dimension and strength and quality and density consistently
  • Titanium material is good for the after process,such as cnc machining,turning or other treatment.
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