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Nanjing Emitech CNC Products expertise in product design, aluminum & zinc casting, CNC machining, consulting, assembly and testing services for 20 years.
Nanjing Emitech CNC become a professional manufacturer in die casting field, and also can manufacture extrusion, gravity casting, sand casting, low pressure die casting, cnc machining, plastic injection according to customers’ design.
Our product covers
Led light housing, heat sink, other lighting parts, motor parts, motorcycle parts, automotive parts, furniture parts, machine parts, kitchenware, electronic accessories, camera support equipment, telecommunication equipment, train braking systems, etc.

Engineering Part Application

casting parts

Casting Parts

Forging parts

Forging Parts


Molding the plastic feedstock into machinery that is designed to produce the final product. This includes increasing the size of the 3D model in order to compensate for sintering shrinkage, thermal processing of the shaped part to remove the polymer, and sintering the powder.The final step, sintering, may occur in either a continuous furnace (which slowly moves the parts through multiple heat stages) or a batch furnace (in which components are handled manually and moved to a separate furnace for sintering).


Some components are produced at rates exceeding 200,000 per day. On the other hand, small production runs are possible with as few as 5,000 parts per year. However, it all depends on what you’re looking for – if you want large quantities or small quantities.
MIM produces cost-effective, high-quality shapes because it eliminates many of the manufacturing steps necessary for other processes. The process has little material loss and is perfect for refining costly material like steel or titanium. It also provides a great way to manufacture complex shapes which might be difficult with other methods.
MIM has gained much credibility and achieved broad acceptance in the industry. We have a few recent examples of the ways MIM has been used throughout Smith Metal Products.

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