• Enables production of complex geometries required for medical devices.
  • Offers design flexibility by integrating multiple components into a single part.
  • Cost-efficient for high-volume production, reducing labor and material costs.
  • Wide material selection allows for specific properties like biocompatibility.
  • Ensures consistent quality control and dimensional accuracy.
  • Easily scalable for both small and large-scale production.
  • Reduces lead time with streamlined manufacturing processes.
  • Provides excellent surface finish, minimizing post-processing needs.

These benefits make MIM an appealing option for medical device manufacturing.

Medical Equipment

dental equipment
Compare with the CNC machining or prototyping process,Mental Injection Molding has massive production at good price.In this application,the 17-4PH is the best choice,which balance the corresion resistance and strength.In sometime,we could use SS316 or SS42 or titanium alloy. For example,the surgical clamps,knife tools and disposable surgical device,etc,all parts could consider use MIM Process.
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