MIM tooling is very important for the MiM production.We have 20 years history tooling partner to work with. When you start to produce the mim tooling,you aren’t only need to consider the shrink of the sintering,but also need to think of the molding line,inject gate and size,draft angle,ejection pins location,etc. MIM tooling design is similar with the plastic injection tooling,but there still has some different,for example,how to choose the material of the core steel and cavities and etc. The material is common use the H13,P20,DC53, the similar prehard material,both all need 15-20 days to finish the tooling. When the sample production,we usually keep the space,lower the tolerence,for the trial MIM Parts.When we know the shrinkage ratio,we will adjust in the production. Another important is the production quantities and delivery time.We could provide our professional suggestion to keep your requirement.

Tooling Cavities Suggestion

2 Cavities

Production QTY less than 30K per year, we suggest a maximum of 2 cavities

4 Cavities

Production requirement between 30K to 50K per year, we suggest you 4 cavities.

8 Cavties

Production between 50K to 100K per year, we suggest a maximum of 8 cavities.

16 Cavities

Over 100k production,we suggest you maximum up to 16 cavities.
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