MIM Parts

Consumer Electronics

Smartphone,Camera,Buttons,Hinges for phones.etc

With the fast development and high requirement of consumer electrical parts, the small MIM Parts have widely increased compared to the last two decades. More and more complex geometries parts choose the MIM technology, especially for the small component.
The customer always gets lower cost with tight tolerance compared to other processes. As we all know, millions of MIM parts (lighting connector, flip slider and hinge barrel, etc.) are produced every week with smartphone requirements. You will see SS316L used on orthodontic brackets and Ti6Al4V and 17-4 PH used in thin wall thickness parts.

Consumer Electronics mim parts

MIM Parts


Smartphone Cato

The parts are processed by spray painting, laser carving, PVD or other surface treatment.


Camera Parts

The wall thickness is thin to 0.15mm with high light treatment.

Earphone Parts

This part is used for earphones and has high requirements for precision of fit.

Connection Plugin

As a complex structure with a perfect appearance and precise machining, surface treatment, assembly, and other technical requirements.

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