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Quality control in metal injection molding production is not a simple term. It is an indispensable part of the production process and is highly valued.
To ensure the proper conduct of MIM parts inspection and molding process, and to manufacture high-quality products, it is necessary to consider certain important parameters.
Nanjing Emitech are committed to providing our customers with the best quality and prompt communication. communication with customers with world-class machine and follow 100% strict quality control.


Quality Control Is Step From The Material Checking.

There are many material in the word,how we choose the right material meet our customer required.

  1. Choose certified and trusted suppliers local,after 15 years,we have many valuable suppliers to walk togather.
  2. At trail production, We must check every material elements by Spectrorphotometer.After massive production,we will check randomly.


We Must Know The Working Situation Of The Parts Working Situation, From Durable To Fix Position, To Provide The Suggestion To Our Customer.
Before production, our team must fully know the situation of the parts working, and we could adjust the powder for the application. We also provide the some samples when the tooling finished.
Ensuring Quality in Metal Injection Molding

Key Parameters for Ensuring Quality in Metal

Injection Molding Critical parameters play a pivotal role in establishing and maintaining standards for producing superior quality products. Essential elements of these parameters encompass:
  • Permissible variation limits
  • Zones of material temperature control
  • Pressure within the mold cavity
  • Duration, velocity, and frequency of injection
  • Total time for the production cycle
  • Time required for product to cool down

Addressing Defects in Metal Injection Molding:Complementary Quality Control Strategies

While the primary parameters set the foundation for quality, there remains an inherent risk of producing defective parts. To mitigate this and minimize the rate of part rejection, these primary parameters are bolstered by additional quality assurance methodologies as follows:
  • Comprehensive Quality Management (CQM)
  • Digital Quality Support (DQS)
  • Proactive Quality Design (PQD)
  • Statistical Quality Regulation (SQR)
  • Persistent Quality Monitoring (PQM)
  • Fully Unified Automation (FUA)
Addressing Defects

Test Device

  •  Tesa 3D CMM
  • Optical comparators
  •  Optical comparators
  •  Mitutoyo Profilometers
  •  Profile/Contour detector
  •  Projectors
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • 0.00005″ Indicating micrometers
  • Class X, XX, and XXX ring, hole and plug gauges
  • Full complement of standard gauges and inspection tools, including micrometers, calipers, and indicators.

Quality Control Parameters In Metal Injection Molding

At EMITECH, quality assurance, control, and supervision procedures are the philosophy behind every aspect of our work, including every step of the injection mold manufacturing (injection) process;

  • Controlling raw material quality: We inspect all tool steel materials and outsourced custom parts to ensure that all materials strictly meet the requirements for custom plastic molds;
  • Controlling process quality: We rigorously control the machining and assembly processes, establish QC teams to monitor and inspect mold tolerances and machining surfaces to meet demands;
  • Controlling final quality: After the MIM injection mold is completed, we comprehensively check the main dimensions of the prototype MIM samples to ensure no steps are missed and the MIM injection mold quality is satisfactory.

We adhere to the use of statistical techniques to inspect and control processes through APQP, FMEA, PPAP, and standardized quality control documents, ensuring the production of consistently high-quality metal injection molds. Additionally, we have improved our ability to provide document preparation and quality control support for our clients.

Every week, our quality control team meets to discuss each issue and seek methods of detection and prevention. The on-time rate of each month is displayed on the bulletin board for employees to view and learn.

EMITECH employs the most advanced inspection and measurement technologies. Our well-trained quality Q/C engineers operate high-precision microscopes, coordinate measuring machines, tensiometers, and traditional measuring equipment.

At EMITECH, we consider quality certifications such as ISO 9001:2008 as our commitment to provide the best parts at the most competitive prices. However, our commitment goes far beyond these certifications. We have a team of quality professionals whose sole focus is to ensure that the MIM parts we produce are as perfect as possible.

Our administrative staff professionally handle every inquiry, and our engineers constantly seek ways to improve part design and production. We take pride in this reputation and are motivated to continually progress.

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