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We are a reliable quick-turn supplier of machined plastic and metal parts. Our CNC machines allow us to quickly produce any quantity of parts you need by ensuring they are delivered on time every time.

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CNC Machining Part

CNC machining is a process that can be implemented in different manufacturing sectors. It is an automated process that provides superior quality to many different manufacturers. Some operations that are common in CNC machining are lathes, routers, grinders and metal machines.
Emitech CNC is a professional CNC machining company that provides first-class precision milling services from 3-axis to 5-axis advanced machining centers. Our experienced machine operators are always able to find the best way to produce perfect parts at competitive pricing.

CNC Turning Ability

We have 30 sets CNC turning lathes that are capable of two to five axis turning at a time. This is especially helpful when you want to make many copies of the same object.
We can turn various metals like stainless steel and brass. We can also do machining from aluminum, copper and carbon steel.2
cnc machining
EDM service

EDM Process

We can customize Hardware based on the customer’s request. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers.
Our engineers test the quality of the products before releasing them for sale. They measure and inspect every part of each product to make sure it meets our standards.

Machining Ability Emitech could do

Maximum Part SizeCNC milling parts up to 70″ x 48″x 20” (1,778 x 1,219 x 508 mm);

Turning parts up to 20″(508 mm) length and φ12″(305 mm)
Tolerance | Surface RoughnessGeneral tolerence +/- 0.005″ (+/- 0.127 mm) if not specified, +/-0.002mm is possible
Ra0.4 – Ra3.2
Inspection DeviceCMM / Caliper/ Projector/ Depth gage /R gauge/ Dial gauge / Roughness tester/Thread gauge
Dies ToolingsStandards die tooling inspection
Surface treatmentStandard/machine-finish/Anodizing/electroplating/painting/Powder coating/Bead blasting/Brushing/ Painting/Polishing/Engraving/Heat Treating/Passivating/Plating,etc.

CNC Machining Advantages

A.  Increased Productivity.  Since CNC machines are automated through programming, CNC workshops can meet production needs by operating longer time.
B.  Cost-Effectiveness. Computer control instructions are automated and computerized control that fairly reduces the risks of manufacturing errors, also it needs less human labors, which bring down the costs to a big extent.
C.  High Precision gurantee. CNC machining process offers tight tolerances (for metal and plastic parts that can sustain extreme pressures and temperatures), excellent mechanical efficiency, and superb processing accuracy.
D.  More Safety. The staff is shielded from any flying pieces of a sharp tool, hot material, jam, or other machining errors.
E.  Faster Turnarounds. CNC machining takes much less time than other manufacturing techniques.
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Why Choose Us?


We guarantee the quality of our work.We maintain high standards and the highest quality of craftsmanship. Our dedication to quality is acknowledged in the certifications we have received.


You can shop with us through the day and night because we stay open 24 hours a day. You’ll also find that we have fast delivery and quality guarantees to make sure you’re always satisfied with your purchase.

Everything is Possible
We can cater to your machining needs, no matter the size of your order. We offer a wide range of surface finishes and treatments tailored to your exact specifications. Our engineers will work with you to meet any challenges you may have.
We specialize in machining parts to a high tolerance and are confident that we can satisfy the demands of precision parts.

Materials CNC Parts

Selecting the right material is essential to a successful CNC machining operation. You need a material that possesses all the necessary properties demanded by your customer. These properties may include strength, thermal stability, chemical resistance, hardness, rigidity, etc.

pay2-icon1.png Aluminum:5052| 2024 | 6061| 6063| 6082| 7075| MIC-6
pay2-icon1.png Brass: 260| 360
pay2-icon1.png Stainless steel:Stainless Steel 17-4| 303| 304| 316| 316L| 410| 420| 440C
pay2-icon1.png Carbon Steel:1018/1215/ 4130/4140/4140PH/P20/ A36/D2/A2
pay2-icon1.png Titanium:Grade 2/ Grade 5
pay2-icon1.png Plastics: ABS/ ACETAL/ Acrylic/ PP/ PE/ POM/ Nylon/ PC/ PTFE/ PEEK/ PVC.

CNC Machining Surface Finishes

Emitech CNC one-stop CNC service allows customers to apply different surface finishes on their CNC machined parts. The surface finishes improve the cosmetic look, add more wear resistance and electrical conductivity.
*Powder coating
*Heat Treating
*Plating (Chrome/Zinc/Nickel/ Silver/ Gold)

Emitech CNC CNC Parts Application

We can offer your business prices that will be lower than the competition, excellent service, and a commitment to quality that goes unmatched.

Emitech Nanjing CNC Machining FAQs

We have a wide range of cnc machine parts and we offer them in different price ranges depending on how long they last and what they are used for to ensure your investment is worth it. We have been doing this for the past 20 years, so you know these are top quality.

Our company’s cnc machines can produce small parts such as IC and switch cover, cover, coil tapper, ball bearing, and so on.

Yes, nanjing emitech has a variety of cnc machining parts and cnc turning parts.
Please send us the enquiry details, a professional team will offer best solution for your request.
Please send us the enquiry details, a professional team will offer best solution for your request.

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