Our design team works with the customer to ensure proper product characteristics, performance and consistency.We have a vast range of experience in MIM, PM and Assembly Design. Our experts are able to develop and implement solutions using innovative strategies while making sure they are cost effective for our customers. We strive for quality excellence in all aspects of our services by utilizing industry best practices along with continuous improvement initiatives throughout the entire process from concept through completion. In addition, we can provide quick responses on changes or any engineering modifications needed during production runs as well as data archiving capabilities for future reference.

engineer drawing
mim tooling


Becasue the finial component usually 20% smaller than the toolings.We should conside the angle and other critical factors,such as tooling lines and locationg,pins,sliders and taper and draft,etc.
Even the MIM design and construction is similar with the plastic injection toolings.We usually keep the safe steel part to test the shrink dimension.The tooling time usually take few weeks.We keep some dimension to be modifcation.
We usually provide our suggesion on the tooling cost based on your QTY requirement,from 1 cavity to more cavities.
Any one,tooling design is the flexiable thing.S7 and H13 material is prority choice for the tooling.We sometimes choice P20 for the small QTY.Above material is belong to the prehard material.The usually lifetime is at 2,000,000 pcs.

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