Chemical surface treatments on MIM parts include passivation, electropolishing, plating  powder coating,and anodizing. These treatments enhance properties, improve appearance, and provide corrosion resistance based on specific application requirements.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a crucial step in MIM parts production. It includes sintering to bond and densify the metal, annealing to relieve stress and enhance ductility, hardening to increase hardness and wear resistance, and tempering to improve toughness. These heat treatment methods optimize the mechanical properties of MIM parts for specific applications.


Painting,Dacromet,galvanizing,chrome plating,PVD coating

Mechining Treatment

Shot blasting, carving, polishing, finishing, deburring, and grinding are common post-processing techniques used on MIM parts to achieve specific surface qualities and remove imperfections. These techniques are employed to enhance the appearance, dimensional accuracy, and functionality of the parts.

Surface treatment plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of MIM parts. Combining mirror polishing with PVD treatment can significantly improve the surface finish, appearance, durability, and corrosion resistance of the parts, resulting in high-quality MIM components.

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